Thursday, February 12, 2009

?? things about me

I'm going to write a given number of things here you might not know about me. Facebook's standard is 25 things. We'll see. I think I'll keep adding onto this until I'm done. Not sure we'll get to 25. But, who knows, my 5 followers may want 55 things?

1. I know I love my wife because I feel it deeply. Not the same feeling I felt as a college kid parking with her in the public parking lot facing the beach at Point Loma to watch the tide turn mind you, but deep in my spirit, I know she will always be my girl.

2. I like to lead Worship. I don't always like the preparation it takes, but that's life I guess. Truth is, the preparation for Worship leading is the most important thing. I'm not just talking about singing songs here, my friends.

3. I like staying up late because it clears my mind. I don't like getting up the next day because of it. This can be problematic...Sometimes this process results in a tired, cluttered mind--guess I better go to bed. ;)

4. I think I can sing pretty well in multiple musical styles.

5. I have no aspiration to tour or make a huge album or be famous, but the money would be nice. However, I do think it would be cool to be a back-up singer. (I wouldn't mind making a simple CD as long as it was good. Who wants to listen to, sorry.)

6. It bugs me when people think they are better than they are. "God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble." (James 4:6)

7. I like making music with professional musicians. This doesn't happen for me often, but man when it does...

8. I believe in the local church. I also believe we have a LONG way to go. The local church needs to be more concerned with the Kingdom than itself.

9. I believe cynicism is deadly.

10. I believe skepticism is healthy.

11. Given the option, I'd take early retirement.

12. I would like to live in one place the rest of my life. So far, this has not worked out so well.

13. I think it would be cool to represent a corporation such as the Denver Broncos. Not really like a mascot, more of like a press rep or something...

14. I like being liked.

15. It bothers me when people tell me they "don't like the music." It's not about the music, it never will be. Truly, when you tell me this, it's about you and when it's about you--you're wrong. Don't misunderstand me, people can have musical preference, just keep it to yourself. Art critics really don't get it. (lol) Now food critics, I can appreciate.

16. I would rather do what God wants me to do more than anything else in the world. That's why we live in IN.

17. All I liked about KS was that I got to know my uncle and his family well. I also liked the benefit of partnership in the Gospel--the sunflowers can keep the rest.

18. I have been a licensed resident of CA, OR, CO, KS, and IN. In that order. I would go back to CO in a heartbeat (figuratively). CA is too expensive, OR doesn't sound that appealing, and I think I've already voiced my love for the others.

19. I wish I was a better dancer, but I don't really see myself spending a lot of money on lessons.

20. I would like to do more musical theatre.

21. I would like to own a few more professional athletic jerseys.

22. I wish I could talk to my grandfathers more. They are all gone. This is amazing because between my wife's and all my families there were 6.

23. I would rather let God put me where He wants me rather than "work my magic." That has been the formula for discovery of a lot of AMAZING opportunities that I never sought. In other words, I agree that God is not a condiment to be added to our lives.

24. People need to understand that God calls us all.

25. This took more time than I originally intended to give. I hope you enjoyed something.

26. Sometimes I think that I would like to write a book.


  1. You need to readjust #17..we made amazing friends!

  2. #17 - friends were a benefit of partnership in the Gospel. :)