Wednesday, March 30, 2011

simply explained

i have to be honest and tell you, dear reader, that i'm not sure a blog works for me...

i think i'd like to work it out, but i'm not sure this is for the guy who naturally analyzes things and tends to share his thoughts with strategic reservation.

if i don't post, you don't read, and i'm sure that will thoroughly disappoint the 9 (more like 2) followers that have come across this fine demonstration of literacy.

perhaps this will be more of a slow leak...or maybe this will be different. have you seen a keurig? i want one. man, i think those things are cool. smooth on the outside, but on the inside something is going on. you put that individualized cup of ground coffee in its place and that sucker tears into it to produce a fine by-product. it reminds me of myself--chill exterior. fire on the inside. did i just compare myself to an overpriced coffee maker? see, i'm not sure this is gonna work. :)

i can get bored reading paragraphs of blogging so when i post, i'll work to keep it on point.

for a procrastinator, a blog seems to be a deadly waste of time, but i suppose that will have to be part of the navigation.

i hope you enjoy the music. music has always been important to me. i've spent many years thinking about the purpose and power of music. i'm certain my playlist isn't powerful, but my aim is to choose a chill, reflective supplement to whatever ends up on the page.

thanks for stopping by.

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