Monday, April 11, 2011

p-90 posting

so about an hour and a half a day is given to this love hate thing...

blogging is still on the radar. while the readers lie in wait for more substantial posts, i'll share some of my finer thoughts about this new new routine i am developing (have not yet missed a workout, but i'm only on week 2.5 out of 13.) very RANDOM order:

soreness is down from week one

my strawberry recovery drink is nasty (i understand that the more you pay for the powder, the better tasting the drink is--i buy mine at walmart...)
this program works for me because i've always brought it...

tony horton is funny only to those who have been there

i'm only going to post my before and after pictures if they are as good as i imagine they will be

i'm a 12-15 person

my arms are tired after the shoulder/back workout

pull-ups on chairs are for women. they are also for me.

do your best and forget the rest...BLAM, Pam.

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